Health Promotion

altThe Capital’s Black and Ethnic Minorities (BMEs) are more likely to have poorer health than white groups mainly because they are unaware of available services and how and where to access them. This is made worse by language and cultural barriers.

The most evident result of this lack of access and awareness of relevant health services is the high number of Black Minority and Ethnic individuals that are infected, have died and been affected by HIV/AIDS.

In response to this we work in partnership with Newham NHS, Newham Primary Care Trust, London Borough of Newham, Barking and Dagenham NHS, Havering NHS and other national organisations to deliver community based HIV/AIDS prevention, sexual health promotion and wellbeing projects. 

We run outreach clinics for Rapid HIV/AIDS testing and provide information to encourage Black and Minority Ethnic communities to take up HIV/AIDS testing, increase access to available health services and contribute towards the improvement of sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention.

HIV/AIDS testing is a key component in controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS infection. For those who test positive for the HIV virus, awareness can help them take precautions or steps to protect their own health and that of their partners, thus avoiding further transmission; whilst for those who test negative, the testing process is an opportunity to get information on how to avoid risks of infection and stay healthy.

Other services provided by the outreach clinics include sign posting clients to genito-urinary medicine (GUM), other generic health information and distribution of free condoms.

Feedback obtained from the beneficiaries has been positive. Many of them have said that we provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere where they can be helped to identify their needs seek and be offered support.