Economic Strengthening

Economic Empowerment

altIn Nyanza province (Western Kenya), poverty levels are as high as 72%. This is attributed to unemployment at 33% and the increased burden of HIV/AIDS. Nyanza has a particularly high overall HIV/AIDS prevalence of 15%, more than double national levels; with some of its districts reach as high as 26%. Unfortunately this is higher amongst women (23%) as compared to 17% amongst men. This has impacted negatively on the economic livelihood of the population. Those infected are too ill to work consistently while those who are not ill are carers with barely enough time to work. As a result businesses have closed down or not operating at full capacity while those who are employed are not as productive. This is made worse by the high cost involved in caring for PLWA (People living with Aids)

WOI and Omega Foundation have been running economic empowerment activities for PLWA, widows, orphans and other vulnerable children since 1997.  Our aim is to make a substantive difference in their lives by increasing access to economic and business opportunities, providing seed money; providing training and equipment; leveraging support from micro-finance agencies and supporting the setting up of Group Savings and Loan groups.