Restart - Women 2.0

Press Release - United Kingdom, 10/12/2014

EU-wide job related e-solutions for women re-entering to the job market.
A new European Commission funded project entitled Restart – Women 2.0 was launched on 13th November 2014 in Germany that will focus on upskilling and supporting more adult women back into work.

All over the world women are unduly affected by vocational career interruptions to care for their children or family. Some women wishing to return to work experience difficulties finding work due to lack of skills, reduced skills, advancements in technology, and gender discrimination. Project Restart - Women 2.0 aims to facilitate the process of returning to work for adult women following a career break. The Project provides women (such as women re-entering the job market, working women and women on parental leave) with employment and communication skills, job search strategies, and intercultural competences needed to access European wide labour markets.

Restart – Women 2.0 is a three to eight months programme comprising e-learning and classroom based training with 8 modules: Microsoft Office Courses, Computer hardware skills, Project management skills, English course, Time Management, Organisational skills, Job search strategies and intercultural competences required for the job market in different European countries.

Skills training will be provided through an online platform featuring an innovative, open interactive module called Wiki Fem Professional with capabilities for free access to interested women; participants’ input and information on European wide Job related solutions.

Project delivery partners
The Project is run by 5 European partners based in Germany, Italy, Croatia, Netherlands and United Kingdom. It is led by Frauencomputerschule Kassel Germany and also involves Intramoenia – seeds for chance Italy; Multicultutreel Vrouwencentrum Jasmijn Netherlands; Ustanova za obrazovanje oddraslih Dante Croatia; and Widows and Orphans International (WOI) who among them have a long track record of successfully delivering vocational courses, ICT, management personal development and job search skills for women.

For more information about Project Restart – Women 2.0

Contact: Sarah Pulle
Telephone: 020 8593 3100 Mobile: 07984655237
Address: Widows and Orphans International, 93a-99a New Road, Dagenham, Essex, RM10 9NL
Funding: This Erasmus+ project is a European Commission funded Strategic Partnership under Key Action 2