Teresa attended one of our IAG sessions to seek advice on how she could develop her career and get into employment in the UK.  The advisor she spoke to learnt that Teresa had worked as a Careers Advisor in her home country,Cameroon and that she relocated to the UK to join her husband.  Prior to her visit to our offices, she did not have any information on the labour market ,especially the IAG sector in the UK. Childcare issues made it even more challenging for her to find employment.

After attending a one to one IAG session at our offices in New Road, Teresa was empowered and guided to retrain in order to gain a UK qualification ( NVQ L4 ) in Advice and Guidance. She was also encouraged to volunteer with us under the mentoring of other experienced IAG officers.

This has enabled Teresa to get into employment and she is currently an IAG Officer at Widows and Orphans International.

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