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Hannah – Customer Care course

Helen attempted many courses, but failed to complete them in the past before coming to WOI. She registered on the Customer Care course. She performed very well in class but had challenges completing the coursework. The assessor was able to identify her learning phobia and changed the teaching methods to suit her learning style. She...


Mary – Health and Social care course

Before I joined the course I was working in a care home but after successful completion of the Level 2 & Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social course with the help of my Assessor, I am able to perform well in my work place and I got an appraisal. My tutor was of great...


Tom – Volunteering in Health promotion work

When i came to UK I was a trained doctor working in a hospital in Nigeria, however i struggled to get jobs in hospitals with no experience of working in the UK. I decided to do voluntary work with WOI in the health programmes department and used my medical skills to advice people on HIV...