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Self Test

At Positive East, It’s easy to test for HIV. Our HIV and STI kits are free, fast and totally confidential. Our face to face HIV/STI testing clinics are currently suspended, but if you live, work or study in East London we can provide you with online or phone supported HIV testing and STI screening from the comfort of your own...

It Starts With Me campaign.

It Starts With Me campaign will focus on raising awareness of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in Black African communities. It will start on Monday 19 October 2020 Research evidence PrEP knowledge, attitudes and usage among Black African communities in England Key finds from a community survey conducted by HIV prevention England in 2019 on PrEP knowledge, attitudes and usage among Black African...


The impact of the new coronavirus pandemic on people with HIV, sexual health and HIV services.  Read more at:[0]=about-hiv&topic[0]=14452

HIV Training

Yesterday we gave a training on HIV awareness at Barking and Dagenham Youth Offending Team.